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Inforeizen is a small but dynamic company  run by Eric Van Den Acker and Christel Thys.  With more than 35 years of experience in travel to the States we dare qualify ourselves as specialists.  You will find no brochures in our agency.  Strange don’t you think ?  Not at all, because all of our journeys are  tailor-made and accompanied by a detailed brochure.  Not just a single piece of paper with some names, but a complete offer describing the itinerary, the hotels and the places of interest along the route.  You see what you buy !

Good travel guide-books are expensive and sometimes hard to find.  Inforeizen has therefore decided to develop a “TAILOR MADE GUIDE” for its customers.  You will receive an information packet with lots of details on the places you visit, possible walking tours, sightseeing points and must-see-or-do things…  Beautiful color pictures and maps will complete the packet, so that you can limit your carry-on literature to just one personalized guide-book.   On top of all this, we also provide a road atlas and city maps and route descriptions for Fly & Drives.



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