The Ocean State

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The White Horse Tavern in Newport, built in 1673, is one of the country’s oldest establishments still in function.

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 Rhode Island

Abbreviation RI
Surface km2 2 678
Population 1 052 567
Population density  (km2) 263,01
Capital Providence
The most populated city Providence

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For such a small state, “Little Rhody” is packed with tourist attractions.  At the end of the 19th, beginning 20th century the super-rich chose Newport as  a  playground to build their fabled mansions and palaces.  Breakers, Newport’s most celebrated mansion, was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1895.  Providence grew rich on different kinds of lucrative trade.  Benefit Street is the most famous street in Rhode Island.  Waterplace Park & Riverwalk, once completely covered by roadways, are now lit by bonfires floating in the river.  Sailing and most particularly the America’s Cup race is deeply ingrained in the state’s culture, visiting Bristol’s Hall of Fame is a must. Head for the town of Narragansett if long stretches of fine white sand beckon you.

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Ce circuit prévoit une exploration complète de la Nouvelle-Angleterre pour les amoureux de la nature, que ce soit avec le côté maritime et ses superbes plages ou le côté terre à travers les White Mountains du New Hampshire.

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Discover Rhode Island as a part of your New England roadtrip. Visit the harbour of Newport, follow the panoramic Ten Mile Drive and visit The Breakers, a huge mansion built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in the Gilded Age.

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