OnSpot® provides travel brands with a unique turn-key, on-demand concierge solution to handle all travelers’ in-destination needs, globally, 24/7.

The company was created by tech entrepreneur Benoit Cerceau in Los Angeles in 2007 and has since assisted over 1 million travelers.

Through a community of local French and English-speaking “travel heroes” spread over 5 continents, this next-gen, white-label service enables a frictionless travel experience and allows your clients to fully enjoy their trip while keeping trip-disrupting events at bay.

Through a local toll-free number, Whatsapp, Messenger or simply an email, visitors receive immediate help, day and night, regarding the most pressing issues as well as making reservations, getting recommendations, discovering the new must-see place or making a next-day doctor appointment, among many others!

Thanks to its technology, OnSpot® acts proactively to help prevent any unforeseen issues, saving travel advisors precious time while keeping them informed through real-time notifications each time a case has been solved, on their behalf.

We are fully compliant with the GDPR laws. We promise to safeguard your data and protect your privacy rights.