Condor, as Germany's most popular leisure airline, has been taking its guests to the world's most beautiful holiday destinations since 1956. From the 8 big airports in Germany as well as Vienna in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland around 90 destinations can be reached in Europe, Iceland, Africa, the Indian Ocean, North America and the Caribbean. 

From Dusseldorf Airport all European destinations can be reached, while leaving from Frankfurt also all long-haul destinations are scheduled to depart. 

Due to the cooperation with partners guests can choose to depart from the local airports in the Benelux and easily connect at Frankfurt airport to one of the Condor flights and beyond.

Condor operates a fleet of over 50 aircrafts, which are maintained by the company's own maintenance operation, Condor Technik GmbH, according to the highest safety standards at the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf locations.

In spring 2022, Condor unveiled its new brand identity: Inspired by parasols, bath towels and beach chairs, Condor now wears stripes in five colors. This illustrates the development from a leisure airline to a unique and unmistakable vacation brand. The new design was unveiled with the first A330neo, which is operated by Condor since December 2022. At the end of 2023 Condor will be flying 18 A330neo long-haul aircrafts. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and maximum efficiency, the latest-generation 2-liter aircraft is the European front-runner with 2.1 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers and maximum customer comfort. Condor will also receive 41 brand-new short- and medium-haul aircraft of the A32Xneo family from 2024.

Condor emphasizes on fuel economy: On average, Condor aircrafts use less than three liters per passenger and 100 kilometers. Newly developed and aerodynamic Winglets achieve kerosene savings of up to five percent per aircraft. Calculating the ideal speed, the shortest route and a reduced weight on board through lighter service trolleys, also increase fuel economy. Additionally, setting an optimal center of mass on the aircraft and providing pilots with Information about fuel efficiency for individual routes, leads to further kerosene savings.

Condor has been awarded as ‘very strong’ for its ‘sustainable engagement’ by magazines FOCUS and FOCUS Money. The award is based on a representative survey and evaluates the ecological and economic responsible actions by companies.

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