Visit Sedona

331 Forest Rd.
Sedona AZ 86336
United States

Visit Sedona - Sedona, Arizona ignites all five senses. Six if you count your sense of responsibility.

Sedona is a nature lover’s paradise. With 400+ miles of trails, visitors have instant access to some of the country’s best hiking and biking trails. And, at night, stargazers marvel at the miraculous star-scape. 

Known as a place of spiritual influence, Sedona’s vortexes are believed to unleash powerful energy. And as Native Americans did centuries before, the area spas use indigenous materials for relaxation and healing.

Sedona is an art Mecca for artists and collectors alike. Its dramatic landscape and ever-changing light inspires artists of all levels, and the world-renowned art galleries are the perfect enclaves to showcase their incredible work.

Sedona’s Secret 7 guides visitors to quiet corners to discover new wonders. On the  website, you can learn local secrets on seven categories - hiking, biking, vistas, picnic areas, arts and culture, stargazing and spiritual locations. Within each category, seven locations are revealed for a total of 49 hidden gems.

Sedona is a place of unspoiled, spiritual wonder.  To ensure Sedona's sustainability for generations to come, we place a great deal of emphasis on the importance of preserving our unique landscape.  Together, we can ensure the soul of Sedona is preserved, and that her beauty continues to stir the soul of all who visit. Please make your promise at

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