Visit Phoenix

400 E. Van Buren St., Suite 600
Phoenix AZ 85004
United States

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West. Not the wild associated with the dusty cowboys of a bygone era. Wild as in bold, innovative, diverse and surprising. Wild as in raw, untouched Sonoran Desert landscapes. Wild as in cuisine and craft beverage pairings that celebrate tradition but defy genre.

In Phoenix, our wild engages your senses and dares you to try something new. It’s impossible for us to know exactly what that might be — you may not yet know — but, rest assured, the answer is now at your fingertips.

Phoenix is built on a spirit of self-expression, curiosity and adventure. It is a destination that defies the limits by embracing the bold and welcoming the new. Change and innovation are our way of life. Vibrance, appreciation and inclusivity define our spirit. Our Sonoran Desert sunshine illuminates the mosaic of human influences — those dating back thousands of years as well as those from the leaders of tomorrow — all of which contribute to an authentic and contemporary destination where Indigenous and immigrated traditions are celebrated. And we invite you to experience it for yourself. Start exploring...

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