Terres du Monde

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Terres du Monde  - Terres du Monde is the new project of two people, active in tourism for almost 30 years.

After a career inside a large agency in  Liège, dedicated to the creation of tailor-made trips, we are putting our experience at your service and let you share our passion for the world, each of us with our own specificities and sensitivity.

We want to put the people at the center of the creation of voyages.  Favoring direct contact with you while elaborating your trip will ensure that it perfectly meets your expectations.  Our experience will be the little bonus that makes the difference.

We are glad that we are again able to offer you America, for years Jean-Christophe’s pet peeve.  From the classics of the East to those of the West  (New York, Florida, California, Utah, Arizona…), but also the discovery of lesser known states, just as rich and fascinating e.g. New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Idaho…

American Dream and American Way of Life !  

In this changing world, we would like to encourage slow travel i.e. immersion trips.  While visiting historical sites, cities or great natural spaces, we really want you to enjoy every moment and make sure they become the strong moments, that last forever in your memory…

We are fully compliant with the GDPR laws. We promise to safeguard your data and protect your privacy rights.