SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Inaugurated in October of 2021, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt blends elements of art and technology, taking the concept of an “observation deck” to entirely new heights.

Guests are invited to explore three levels of mind-bending multisensory immersive experiences, surrounded by spectacular 360-degree views of New York City.

Highlights include:

o AIR: an immersive art experience that mixes transparency & reflectivity – an Instagram dream.
o REFLECT: a beautiful art installation by famous artist Yayoi Kusama.
o LEVITATION: two transparent glass enclosed skyboxes extending from SUMMIT – feel the bustle and hustle from 1,070 feet (325 meters) above the streets
o ASCENT: a thrilling 12-story all glass elevator journey to the highest point of SUMMIT, 1210 feet above Midtown.

Located atop the stunning new skyscraper One Vanderbilt in the heart of Midtown Manhattan by Grand Central Terminal.


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