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OREGON - Few American states concentrate on their own so many varieties of landscapes, grounds, climates and experiences as Oregon.  Situated in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the Beaver State has imposed itself as an environmentally friendly state, concerned about the well-being of its inhabitants, defending the locavore spirits, the soil and a sustainable development.  A 584 km long rugged coastline along the Pacific Ocean, a volcanic mountain range with peaks of more than 3000 meters (the Cascade Mountain Range), the majestic gorges of the Columbia River and its cascade of spectacular waterfalls, the high desert plateaus  and red rock canyons in the East of the state, the Crater Lake National Park (a true wildlife gem), the world-famous vineyards of Willamette Valley… and Portland, a human-sized city, made to define what a responsible city should be in the future.   This is Oregon, and much more !  A charming and captivating destination that provides the well-being we all need so desperately.

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