Hello Amsterdam!

JetBlue, New York's Hometown Airline®, flies daily from Amsterdam to New York JFK and Boston Logan International. Both routes are carried out with the A321LR.  Indeed, a narrow body plane with only one aisle.  This completely new device is quieter and more economical, and offers 138 seats and suites.

For rates and flight schedules we refer you to the GDS and the various brokers.

Low rates, but full service

What can you expect from JetBlue ? Low rates, but a full service.  Everything you need for a super comfortable flight and more ! Full service and everything is included, so also unlimited high-speed Wifi.

JetBlue Core

Forget economy class without extras,  JetBlue has “Core”.   JetBlue offers more legroom than other airlines on the transatlantic route.  Still need more legroom ?  Then book an “Even More Space” chair with 5 inches more legroom. 

Core always includes :

- The ‘build-your-own"- meal concept. Put together a farm-to-tray meal yourself via the        screen.  Of course, all drinks (soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits) are free.  The        ‘build-your-own"- concept is unique. 

- Free unlimited high-speed Wifi.

- Snack corner with a choice of a range of sweet and savory snacks.

- Live TV focused on news and sports. 

- An extensive library of entertainment.

- Blanket + headset

- 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 personal item

Even More Space

Travelers who appreciate extra legroom can reserve an Even More Space seat at an additional cost.  Travelers in Even More Space get in addition to the extra legroom also fast track security and priority boarding.

JetBlue Mint 

But there is more : JetBlue’s premium experience is called “Mint”. This class, comparable to Business Class, offers enormous luxury and fantastic personal service.  JetBlue’s Mint cabin has 24 complete  lie-flat private suites with a sliding door, among them two Mint Studio’s®. The beautiful Mint Studio® offers even more space and is located at the very front of the cabin.  Your own special Mint-apartment at a great height.  Welcome to the suite life.

Sip back and relax.

For meals in Mint we work together with the Delicious Hospitality Group, known from the Manhattan hotspots Pasquale Jones, Charlie Bird and Legacy Records. The menu consists of several small dishes.  It’s like dining in SoHo in NYC.  And don’t forget the cocktails that are prepared on board.  

The Suites offer a large 17-inch TV and the Studio a TV with a 22-inch screen.  Wireless charging of devices is accessible.  There is also a lot of storage place.

Bye-bye, red-eye. Hello, shut-eye.

Mint is made for snoozing, with a chair that can be converted into a completely flat bed, our Tuft & Needle®-sleep experience and thoughtful details such as mood lighting and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ button.  The traveler is awakened with a healthy  pre-arrival snack from Pressed Juicery and Early Bird.

JetBlue thus offers a new flight experience at an attractive rate.

As already mentioned JetBlue is the Hometown Airline® of New York. But we are also a leading society in Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood-Los Angeles, Orlando and San Juan.  JetBlue has a network of more than 100 destinations in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.  Enough possibilities to fly through NYC or BOS, of course at low rates.

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