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BEST OF TRAVEL is much more than a classic travel agency.  We are known for our custom-made work and offer the whole world under one roof.  We are a dynamic and strong family business with more than 40 years of traditional quality.  Your perfect partner for an adventurous journey in the United States ! 

In 1980 our first customers left for a unique tailor-made journey.  The world has changed a lot since then.  And yet, again not.  Best Of Travel has since then given an intense travel experience to thousands of people.  And that’s what we are still doing today.  Each continent has its own specialists.  In the meantime – with 11 experienced travelers on board – we have proven to be very versatile.  Our America-specialists will assist you in your search for the perfect discovery journey in the USA.

A memorable roadtrip in the USA ?  Touring the west coast  with your family in a motorhome ?  Discover the mysterious no-man’s land of Alaska ?  A city trip to New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington DC ?  Our Travel Designers will be happy to help you.  We get started with your wishes and expectations, add a dash of combined expertise and sprinkle the whole with some great suggestions and ideas for an experience to remember !  Completely tailor-made, as you are used to get from us.

Get inspired on and get ready for the USA! 

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