Arizona Office of Tourism

Arizona Office of Tourism - In many ways, the Beauty of Arizona is embodied by its Most Famous Natural Landmark, the Grand Canyon. Like the Grand Canyon, Arizona is vast and ancient, a panorama of stunning colour and fascinating geology, with a history defined by Native Americans and larger-than-life adventurers. But, there is much more to the Grand Canyon State than the Grand Canyon itself.

To start with, there are 21 other national parks and monuments, 22 Tribal Nations, 45 national historic landmarks, one UNESCO World City of Gastronomy and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And, it’s not just red-rock buttes, vast canyons and cactus that the state is famous for; it’s also white-water rivers, snow-crusted mountains and three wine-growing regions. Arizona even has big, blue lakes and sandy beaches. So sure, the Grand Canyon is something no visitor to Arizona should miss, but it’s far from the only thing that makes Arizona grand.

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