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A country of vast expanses, which you may be visiting for the 1st time or the 10th time, there is always something new to discover in the U.S. From many unique and extraordinary geological sites to the pulsating life of the big cities and to the diversity of the melting pot of Americans of different origins and ethnic backgrounds, there is always something to satisfy all tastes.

After having flown over the Atlantic Ocean, here you are in the U.S.! Upon arrival of the aircraft at the gate, you will go through passport control and then U.S. customs. You will be directed to a line where you will find the famous yellow line which you cannot cross until the immigration official signals you to cross it.

Once all the immigration formalities (passport control, electronic travel authorization, digital imprints and digital photo) are completed, you can proceed to the baggage claim area.

Welcome to the United States!


More than just a currency, the U.S. dollar ($) is an institution.

Time zones

There are six standard time zones in the United States.


The electricity current in North America is 110 volts, and the prongs on the plug are flat. 

Useful Contact Information

British Embassy in the United States & Embassy of the United States in London. For citizens of all EU countries an electronic travel authorisation (ESTA) and a compliant passport are required.


Before you leave, check with your mobile operator to make sure your  roaming service for internationals calls and for receiving your voicemail is acti-vated.


The climate differs according to region and even time of day. 

National Parks

You must purchase an entrance ticket to each national park.

Sales Tax

It is important to note that the sales tax is not included on the price tags.


Main Holidays and Observances.


Almost all hotels have the following check-in/check-out policy: You are able to have access to your room starting at 3 p.m. and should vacate the room at the latest by 12 noon.

Postal Mail

Not only can you purchase stamps at post offices (US Postal Service) which are open Monday through Friday and also on Saturday mornings.


Sizes of clothing, shoes, weights and distances are different than ours.

Distances: 1 mile= 1.6 km and 1 yard= 0.914 metre.


Tripping makes up a significant proportion of the wages of service employees.

Health/Travel Insurance

No vaccinations are necessary for travel to North America.

Driving in the U.S.A.

- Credit card for Hiring a Car

- Driving licence

- The numbering of houses and buildings

- Road signage

- Gasoline/Fuel

- Speed limits

- Seat belt

- Alcohol

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