The Bay State

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In Rockport is een huis volledig gebouwd van krantenpapier !

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Afkorting MA
Oppervlakte km2  20 202
Bevolking 6 547 629
Bevolkingsdichtheid (km2) 239,31
Hoofdstad Boston
Meest bevolkte stad Boston

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The red brick line and brass medallions in the pavement lead along the 4.8 km Freedom Trail winding through the old city’s narrow streets to connect 16 historic monuments and attractions such as the Old State House, Boston’s oldest public building and Faneuil Hall, called the “cradle of liberty” for its role as secret meeting place.  Harvard University, one of the world’s leading academic centers, is an attraction in itself, filled with historic buildings and museums.  In 1620, separatists from the Church of England, called Pilgrims, landed at Plymouth.  You can step back into their world at the living history museum, Plimoth Plantation.  The former China Trade port of Salem became famous for its witch trials in 1692 : the 1642 Witch House, the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin who presided at the trials is the only remaining building, directly connected with witches.  Cape Cod is a long, curving peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic.  Most of its nearly 900 km of shoreline is long white-sand beaches, backed by dunes of waving sea grass.  Martha’s Vineyard, only 8 km off Cape Cod’s southern coast, has some posh estates built by wealthy families like the Kennedys.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Ce circuit prévoit une exploration complète de la Nouvelle-Angleterre pour les amoureux de la nature, que ce soit avec le côté maritime et ses superbes plages ou le côté terre à travers les White Mountains du New Hampshire.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

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16 days tour in the nordeast of the United States of America and the southeast of Canada.


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