The Mighty Five

5 National Parks for your bucket list

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Whether you're a nature lover, an adventurer, enjoy breathtaking sights and serenity,
the Southwest of the USA has something for everyone.
In Utah you'll get to explore no less than 5 exceptional national parks, some among the most beautiful in the world. A journey through these diverse natural wonders will leave you in awe: majestic canyons; jagged rock formations and dry desert areas which alternate with lush green forest, high viewpoints, vast plateaus and deep valleys. These landscapes will appeal to sportsmen, hikers and photographers alike!

Discover a sea of colors and rock formations in Utah's 5 surprising national parks, nicknamed the Mighty 5.
These parks are known for their beautiful hiking trails, canyons and breathtaking views. Every park is unique and the experiences
will stay in your memory forever!

Arches National Park

Nowhere else in the world will you encounter so many natural rock arches as in Arches National Park. With more than 2,000 sandstone arches and other impressive rock formations such as spires, sandstone fins, hoodoos and domes, Arches is one of the most fascinating national parks in the USA.

Follow the panoramic route and discover treasures such as Devils Garden, Balanced Rock, Windows and Fiery Furnace. And, last but not least, there is also Delicate Arch, the symbol of the park. This natural arch stands alone on a hill in an amazing setting. The arch is about 15 meters high and is considered the most beautiful in the park. Get up early to watch the sunrise here. There is some climbing involved, but the spectacle of the rising sun on this massive arch is definitely worth it! 

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Many consider Bryce Canyon to be one of the most beautiful national parks.
This horseshoe-shaped gorge is full of walls, narrow towers, natural amphitheaters in various shades. Together they form a breathtaking backdrop. From sunrise to sunset you can enjoy sublime views and spectacular rock formations. And when night falls, you admire a sky full of stars like you've never seen before.

Follow the gorgeous panoramic route that leads you through the park. Bryce Canyon is definitely breathtaking from all of its viewpoints, but you will get an even better view if you walk between the hoodoos. So descend into the heart of this unique amphitheater and discover why this national park is an must-see stop on any trip in the American West!

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is an immense area full of geological gems in the heart of the Colorado Plateau, close to the city of Moab. It is a strange, beautiful and magical wilderness with a maze of rivers, gorges and rock formations. In this vast desert landscape you can see deep canyons, high table mountains, cliffs, arches, rock pillars and even a meteor crater.

The Green and Colorado Rivers that meander through the park divide the park into three very distinct districts. Most visited is Island in the Sky with Grand View Point, Green River Point and the famous Mesa Arch, the park's emblem. The Needles with its colorful spires is located in the southeast and the remote district The Maze, only accessible by 4 × 4, is located in the southwest of the park.

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Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef, an often-forgotten gem, is a park full of surprises and contrasts;
full of sandstone formations, deep ravines, domes and high cliffs in many colors.

Follow the Scenic Drive past bright red cliffs and stop at various viewpoints. The road ends at Capitol Gorge.
Along the way, you can marvel at the immense 160-kilometer Waterpocket Fold; admire the Capitol Dome, Twin Rocks, and Hickman Bridge rock formations; follow the Fremont River Trail along impressive waterfalls or cool off in Sulfur Creek. Hike the unpaved Cathedral Valley Walk along giant monoliths or pick the tastiest fruit in the orchards of Fruita in the summer. In Capitol Reef you can recharge your batteries in a beautiful setting far from all the hustle and bustle!

Zion National Park

This is the oldest of Utah's five national parks. Over the centuries, wind and water erosion have carved this park into one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Deep canyons and colorful cliffs up to 300m provide spectacular views, a dream for every nature lover and photographer. This park is also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with a number of spectacular hiking routes.

Wade through narrow rivers, gaze at huge rock walls and climb to the most beautiful viewpoints. An adventure you simply can’t miss, is the walk through The Narrows. Equipped with water shoes and a special pole, you’re all set to explore the Virgin River deep into this spectacular and narrow canyon. 

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