Gérald en Amérique

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Gérald en Amérique is a Travel Planner aimed at all those who wish to discover North America off the beaten track.  Whether it is for your wedding, for your honeymoon trip or simply for your next experience in the United States and/or Canada, I am there to assist you from the beginning to the end.  My knowledge and my passion for the destination, as well as my availability, allow me to make a difference.  Thanks to my approach, you are free to build your circuit according to your wishes and to manage it all before, during and even after the trip, and the whole at the best prices on the market.  Gérald en Amérique also takes care of the organization and the accompaniment of exclusively francophone circuits starting out of Belgium, and the organization of events to help you discover North America.

Willing to give it a go ?  Let’s make an appointment and discuss your project.

Gérald en Amérique, a Travel Planner at your disposal.

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