Exclusive Destinations

EXCLUSIVE DESTINATIONS is the market leader for luxury and high standard holidays in Belgium.

We are specialists in tailor made trips to the USA and Canada. Our North American specialists have 35 years of travel experience to these destinations. Just as the destination itself, the offer to North America can be overwhelming. You might have a number of questions when organizing your trip to North America, especially if you are not really familiar with the destination.

We are, therefore, more than happy to share our travel experience and knowledge with you! We, ourselves, are very demanding and go to extremes to create the perfect trip. We make every effort to work out the best trip, customized and tailored to your needs and budget, always at the best price. We definitely know what we are talking about. Ask for our brochure at your travel agency. Be inspired, tell us what your wishes are and we will gladly create your dream holiday!

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